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A1 Brand Penang Rou Gu Cha Spices

Rou Gu Cha is a Chinese Medical Herbal soup popularly served in Malaysia, Singapore, China, Taiwan.And Our A1 BRAND Penang Rou Gu Cha complex of 100% herbs & special spices and DOES NOT contain any Food Additive, Preservative or Meat Extract, and that is 100% suit to Vegetarians.

For the medical herbs that we used,Included DangGui (Aralia Cordata),HuaJiao (Zanthoxylum),GanChao (Liquorice),GouQiZhi (Medlar),TangSheng (Codonopsis),YuZhu (Polygonatum Japonicum),ShuDi (Rehmaria Root) & ZhuanXiong (Ligusticum Wallichii).

Usually Rou Gu Cha additional ingredients may included meat or soft bone, varieties of mushroom, pulp of garlic, and pieces of dried tofu or fried tofu puffs.Which to increase the soup taste more sweeter & slightly stronger flavor will add in light soya sauce,dark soya sauce & salt during cooking.( It is depending on the individual flavor,someone may like “Light Rou Gu Cha” or “Dark Rou Gu Cha”.However both taste often acceptable by public.


Rou Gu Cha is usually eaten with rice or noodles (sometime as a noodle soup),and often will serve with strips of fried dough (Youtian/YouChaKuih) & Shengchai (Lactuca Sativa) for dipping into the soup. Garnishing included pieces of coriander or spring onions.And there are also special sauce design for Rou Gu Cha (Minced garlic,chilies padi,light soya sauce & dark soya sauce)

And our A1 BRAND Penang Rou Gu Cha is not only consists of meat or soft bone, but even cook with Lamb/Beef rack bone or Chicken. This is also one of the traditional Herbs & Spices soup very popular in Malaysia.(Rempahan Sup Tulang).Our products is serves as a HALAL version of the dish catered to Muslims.



肉骨茶的烹调配料包括肉骨、菇类、大蒜和豆朴。汤底方面则加入酱油, 黑酱油和盐做为调味料。(肉骨茶可依据个人口味烹调出“白肉骨茶”或“黑肉骨茶”,两者皆是大众喜欢和可接受的口味。)



我们A1商标研制的槟城肉骨茶不单只是烹调肉骨而已,然而还可以烹制牛、羊排骨或鸡肉。这也是一种在马来西亚非常著名的传统药材和香料汤,俗称:“REMPAHAN SUP TULANG”。不但如此,我们的产品乃属清真食品,并适合回教徒使用。